save ohio libraries

ohio libraries are in danger. the governor has proposed to cut funding for all ohio public libraries by 50% beginning the new fiscal year.

as a family, we take full advantage and appreciate all of the services the libraries around us has to offer. from borrowing books and movies to participating in the family, youth and toddler programs, we absolutely love all the things the libraries have to offer.

cutting state funding for public libraries could mean limited library hours, staff lay-offs, and program cuts (most often free to the public) to name a few.

please take the time to check out the following links (library links are for those close to my home) for more information, and on how you can contact governor strickland and your local legislator.

save ohio libraries

cuyahoga public library

cleveland public library

lakewood public library

rocky river public library

westlake public library

the state budget must be approved by june 30th, so the best way to voice your concern is by phone or e-mail.

time is of the essence. spread the word.


Melissa said...

Thanks for posting about this. I flipped when I received the email! We too love all our local library services.

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