made in the 216

we made our way to the gordon square district yesterday to check out made in the 216, an event put together by danielle of room service. i mentioned this cute little store a while back, when we found some great animal stamps for emma.

the event featured works by artists all in the local area along with some local live music. i even ran into modern pixie who i met during the vanitylab event. she had some great jewelry on sale during the event.

we had a great time taking a look at all the wonderful work. there are so many talented people out there, and you don't have to go far to find them.

here are some highlights from our outing...

hand dyed t-shirt. notice the 6 fingers?

the ceiling.

aaron and kelsey in action.

snake eyes!

emma thought this owl was a hoot!

simply adorable for my any child's room!

we'll be sure to keep our eyes and ears open for the next made in the 216 event.


Corrie said...

looks like some very cool stuff. glad you guys had a good afternoon

Fresh Mommy said...

What a cool event!!! You always find the most interesting places and events... you'll totally have to take me out sometime.


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