the feast

we had a very enjoyable thanksgiving day with family, and were glad to be able to host again.  this year i got smart and prepped most of the thanksgiving meal before hand.


thanksgiving day spread...

the day's menu...

appetizer and pre-meal snack:
artichoke dip (thanks to corrie)
pumpkin chocolate chip bread

main course:
oven roasted turkey (of course!)
apple-cranberry sausage stuffing
creamy sweet potatoes with candied pecans and brown sugar
garlic mashed potatoes
grilled asparagus tossed in olive oil and our magic salt
homemade cranberry sauce
homemade dinner rolls

dessert (thanks to gram):
apple pie
pecan pie
pumpkin cake

filled with a thankful heart, a full tummy and a house full of family, i managed to take many photos of the glorious food but successfully neglected to take pictures of the wonderful people.

sometimes enjoying the moment means forgetting about the camera.


Mama Whimsy said...

"sometimes enjoying the moment means forgetting about the camera."
I agree. I love taking pictures to remember, but I feel it often puts me outside of the moment. Sometimes, I purposely put it down to just be. I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Your menu sounds delicious!

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