oh baby :: hello belly

i can't believe that a little over half the pregnancy has gone by already.  dang!  it's been going fast.
20 week ultrasound and the kid wouldn't give us a good face shot. stubborn.

i feel as if i went from no belly to hello belly in a matter of just a few months.

apparently, one of my girls in the pre-ballet class i teach felt the same way...
little girl.1 [as we are gathered in a circle ready to begin class]: eh! what happened to your belly?!?

me [confused look on my face]: what do you mean, what happened to it?

little girl.1: it got pretty big.  looks like you're getting a little fat.

me [trying to cover up my "say what?" look with a laugh]: ha, ha.  no, it's not that i'm getting fat.  it's because i have a baby in there.

little girl.1: ooohhhh.

little girl.2 (who also happens to be little girl.1's twin sister): you have a baby in there?  how is it going to come out?

little girl.1: they're going to take it out with a KNIFE.

me: uh, no.  they're not going to take it out with a knife.

little girl.2: then how is the baby going to come out?

[can i just say...AWKWARD?]

me: umm, well...you should ask your mom how babies come out.  maybe she can tell you how you came out.

later on in class, after i showed them an exercise that involved some running and leaping...

little girl.1: careful!  don't run or jump!  the baby might fall out!
aren't they just hilarious?  seriously.  it was hard to keep myself from laughing out loud.  you 'aint seen nothin' yet kid.  wait until i'm 34 weeks!


Anonymous said...

Hilarious Pras. ~Mom~

Mama Whimsy said...

Ummm... still laughing here! :o)

Astrid Vinje said...

How funny! I liked how you handled that awkward question. :)

Connie Krebs said...

Lol! Isn't being a pregnant dance teacher a blast?! Looking great there mama! Are you going to find out what you are having?

Amber@Nater Tot said...

That is hysterical! Gotta love the little kid honesty. Your baby bump is adorable, by the way :) I better start figuring out some clever answers to questions like that in advance. You never know when you're going to get hit with a "where do babies come from?" question!

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