top ten tuesday

oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, his steadfast love endures forever.  
let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom he has redeemed from trouble,
psalm 107:1-2

the thanksgiving holiday is upon us, and much like last year it gets me thinking as to why i really celebrate it.  is it so that i can cook a massive turkey and wear stretch pants all day to allow for the extra expansion of my thighs and belly after some serious eating?  where is my heart in all of this

remembering to be thankful should not be reserved solely for the holiday season, but should be addressed through out the year.  however, the coming holiday season provides a great reminder for many of us (including me), who have so much already, to be thankful of what we have and appreciate the things we may often take for granted.

top ten reason why i'm thankful:

1. i have a God that loves me.  he is compassionate, faithful and merciful even when i can be a big pain in the you-know-what.  he provides for me and helps me even when i don't deserve it.

2. i have a patient and loving husband who works hard to provide care and comfort for me and our children.

3. i have me some beautiful children...and one more on the way.  it brings me joy to know that our home will be filled with little voices, giggles, laughter...and yes, even the sometimes aggravating chaos loudness that comes along with having a house full of kids.

4. we have been provided with shelter from adverse weather conditions (hot or cold).

5. we have functioning cars!

6. we have never gone hungry, even when it feels like there is no more room in the grocery budget to cut.

7. we have a wonderful church family.

8. fall has been warmer than i expected this year (you know how i LOVE the cold weather...please know that i'm kidding).

9. the awesomeness of the 216.  there are still times (even after 5 years) i miss the west coast (and admittedly, long to go back), but i am so thankful for the new discoveries i've made since living here.  great people.  great community.  cleveland, you have a piece of my heart!

10. having a healthy, low-key pregnancy.  4 more months to go and nothing adverse to report.  boy or girl, this little one will be warmly welcomed in march.

happy thanksgiving!


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