my little agent gibs! 

i can not believe you are 2 today.  didn't you just have a birthday??

in a year's time you have learned to walk, run, jump and gallop.  you've gone from saying (and signing) words to speaking sentences.  you have definitely discovered your sweet tooth, and make sure that you don't miss out on your share when everyone else gets a little treat.  when you fall, 95% of the time you get back up and return to what you were doing as if the tumble didn't phase you one bit.  you have become a big brother, and you fill that role well by trying your best to make him smile and laugh.
oh my chunk monster how you've grown.  you grow more independent every day, eager to do whatever your big sister does.  but even though you may not need my hand to guide you through those treacherous cracks and bumps on the sidewalk, i will be close by ready to hold you in my arms when you need me.
i love your smile, your hugs, your snuggles and your happy face.  i'm so glad your mommy (and i'm sure daddy would tell you that he's glad to be your daddy)! we are both so thankful that the Lord has given us the opportunity to raise, care and love you.
love and hugs on your birthday,



Mama Whimsy said...

How can it be that time already? Happy Birthday, sweet boy!!

Corrie said...

Happy Birthday Gibson! Missing you already. xox -Aunt Corrie

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