abandoning an old stand-by

chocolate chip cookies.

some people like them crunchy.  some like them chewy.  some might even like them a little on the cakey side.  but whatever way it is, you usually can't go wrong with a sweet treat like the chocolate chip cookie.

in our house, homemade chocolate chip cookies don't last very long.  and we like ours chewy.

my old stand-by has always been the nestle toll house recipe (i even have it memorized), and i've always thought it was pretty good.  but then, one day, a friend brought over some of her homemade chocolate chip cookies and they were aMAZing.  they were far better than any batch i've ever made.  they were chewy and dense and had the right amount of chocolate chips.  they tasted like they were from one of those gourmet bakeries.  yummmy!

anyway, after tasting those cookies, i was determined to re-create it.  at first i tried changing the toll house recipe a bit, by using more brown sugar and less white sugar and melting the butter (apparently these "tricks" are supposed to help give you a more chewy cookie).  but the result was not quite right.

then i came across this fantastic recipe online from cook's illustrated.  if you like dense, chewy, gourmet-style chocolate chip cookies then this is the recipe for you.
one bite and you will be in love with them forever.  i don't think i'll ever go back to my old stand-by recipe.  and now dear readers, i think one of those cookies is desperately beckoning me to come over and eat it.


Christine said...

Yes please!

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