yo mama!

i hope all you mamas had a wonderful mother's day!

we started the day with baby dedications at church.  we had 8 babies dedicated yesterday, which i think is quite an impressive number for a church that averages 60 people a week.  it's such a blessing to see all those babies...it make me smile to see God at work!
of course, we dedicated our sweet baby cash (thank you aunt corrie for manning the cameras!), promising to "train [him] up in the way he should go..." what a privilege it is to care for our children.
 we ended the day with a pleasant family gathering at our house, and gram sharing incriminating stories of her kids.  it was a gorgeous day so the kiddos and their cousins spent most of the time playing outside.

this mama is so thankful for all the precious (and not-so-precious-but-will-laugh-about-later) little moments.


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