5 months

my sweet girl,

okay, i admit i skipped your 4 month post.  december was a bit crazy so operation prioritize was in effect. sadly, i never got around to doing your 4 month letter and now here we are in january and you're 5 months already.

you continue to be a petite little miss, making your own curve in the weight department.  that's okay.

you have managed to roll over quite a few times and only just today did i finally witness you in action.  i wonder if that's why you've been getting up at night more frequently?  no matter.  i do enjoy having you close, although i would appreciate another 6 hour stretch or two like the one you gave me a month ago. 

i love listening to your baby coos, and seeing the sweet smiles you give me.  your brothers and sister often rush up to comfort you when they start hearing your cries.  i love that.

while i'm trying to enjoy the little moments, sometimes i can't help thinking ahead to when you begin to toddle around and mommy, emma and you can all go do a girls outing together.  doesn't that sound fun?  emma is already talking about sharing a room with you when you're old enough.  she is so sweet.

well, baby, you are crying for me right now so i must tend to you.  i love your sweet face, and everything about you (even your little sticky-out ears)!



mamajil said...

What a sweet post!!!
She sure is a cutie!!!

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