holiday recap 2012

i just realized i didn't blog at all in december.  nothing about christmas.  nothing about snow.  i didn't even post any pictures. 

blogging takes time...at least for me.  and with my husband's crazy holiday work hours, crafts, baking and surviving the time until christmas in practically single-parent mode, the blog did not take top priority (sorry!).  side note: props to single-parents, man!  wow.

so now, i will take the "easy" way out and throw at you a slew of photos from december.  while it was an extra challenging month, we made time to celebrate and enjoy the season.

i didn't do a whole lot of crafting (figured that would help with my sanity), but couldn't resist doing a few here and there (and of course, those crazy cookies for aaron's work). 

christmas was quiet, perfect and the day when we were finally able to s.l.o.w. down and enjoy each other.

thankfully, aaron was able to get time off the week of the new year.  it was SO nice to be able to hang out all week together as a family.  that was a gift.

onwards with 2013!


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