learning together: W15Y01

so it looks like the next few weekly updates are going to have to be a condensed version.  i'm preparing to do our tax return, and it is impossible to do that and maintain these updates on top of all the other stuff we have going.  i also like to have a clean home and clean clothes to wear every once in a while, so it's time for me to prioritize, friends.  once our tax returns are done, there will be plenty of words added back to these posts.

but before i start, let me just say our week started off like this...


we read through 1 samuel 23:14-24:22.  our memory verse for the week was from psalm 25:4-5.


we went through youlearnfrench lessons 1-3.  it was very cute listening to the kids repeating back the words in french.

language arts:

emma did 3 days of copywork from our memory verse. spelling words for the week were is, sip, tip, lip, slip.  we only did them for 3 days.  in mcguffey's first reader we did lessons 47 and 55.

gibson did his own "copywork" again.  i think i'll probably start him on a little bit of daily table work pretty soon.  he seems ready for it (as long as it's not too long).

i cannot recall what she did for her free reading...she read a whole lot of books though.  a.lot.


we did life of fred chapters 15 and 16.

we had a good discussion on pricing products, which stemmed from her plans of opening up a shop where she was going to sell bookmarks.  we discussed how to price items in groups versus just a single item.

we also had a brief discussion on sale and clearance prices during our trip to target, and why stores do that.


we read whitington and his cat from fifty famous stories retold over the course of 2 days.

emma worked on her timeline and we are caught up to week 14.

art study:

jacob van ruisdael's view of haarlem with bleaching grounds, circa 1665.

music appreciation:

we're still on passion of st. matthew, and i still can't get into this one...pretty intense and lengthy piece of work.


no paddle again, but as emma was doing her timeline we used the atlas to locate some of the countries mentioned.


we read the ass and the load of salt and the lion and the gnat from the aesop for children.  then we read prince hyacinth and the dear little princess from the blue fairy book, which i spread out over two days.

science/nature study:

the mammal of the week was a horse.  emma filled out the basic information sheet, which listed the horse's habitat, diet and an interesting fact (or facts), and did her best drawing of a horse in her nature journal.

life skill:

i had her address a package i am planning to send out to salty not sweet.  now we just have to purchase postage and stick it in the mail.

other things:

there was snow this week, so the kids played in it quite a few times.

the boys and emma built themselves a "house" in the corner of the dining room.  they shoved that house full of stuff...all essential things for the home, of course.

the older two continue to do well in habitually taking their plates to the kitchen once they're done eating.  i have even caught cash putting his cup in the sink once he's done with it.  clean up after play has been going well too, and it's nice to see them working together as a team to get it done.  i'm highlighting these things in this post, because i feel that these are important habits to develop which will be helpful for them down the road as they get older.

the boys found the jar of coins and really enjoyed dumping them out and putting them back in.  i did some coin ID with gibson while he was putting them back in the jar, but it didn't last too long.

that's it from our schoolhouse!


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