art detour

after a serious morning of parent teacher conferences at tyler's school on friday, the whole family took the rest of the day to head down to the recently re-opened cleveland art museum.

aside from family (of course), one of the major draws for us to move out here was the art museum (and this was before the remodel). it was HUGE. there was plenty to see just in their permanent collection. and it was free to the public. what better way to make art accessible to the public than to make it free? unfortunately, after we moved here, the museum was completely shut down for major renovations. closed up shop for 3 years (except for special exhibits...and admission for those are not quite in our budget).

but finally, in july 2008, the doors were open again! now, the renovations aren't fully complete. it's still a work-in-progress until 2012. regardless, i was glad to have some access to the museum again.

anyway, where was i going with this? oh...the visit to the art museum. it was fantastic! after navigating through the maze of construction, we were able to see a segment of their permanent collection. i'm sure when the whole renovation is complete, the museum will be spectacular!

after spending 2 hours exploring the exhibits, we headed down to coventry for a late lunch and a stop at big fun toys (that store is like a museum in it self).

we found super special apron for a friend who is an avid batman fan. and i found 2 1970s era 45s for emma to enjoy. i actually purchased them for the record sleeves...a potentional craft/art project.


mamajil said...

What a great day!!! We don't have wonderful museums around here...its kinda a bummer! Oh I want to go to that vintage toy store!!! It seems like y'all had a blast what a blessing! Have a good Monday!

Tabitha Blue said...

Fun times!! I'll have to check it out next time I'm in Cleveland! Thanks for the info.

So glad you liked the pumpkin soup! It really is great for this time of year :)

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