where the wild things are

one of emma's favorite books is "where the wild things are" by maurice sendak. how do i know it's her favorite? well...i can pretty much recite the whole book for you from memory.

and when barnes & nobles hosted a story time event for the book with an opportunity to meet one of the wild things, how could i not take her there?

of course, i forgot my camera. but thanks to the wonderful advancements in mobile technology i managed to get a few pictures with the camera phone.


Michelle said...

No way that would be so cool!! I bet Emma was so excited!

SarahHub said...

Oh, that is too cool. I am jealous!

Melissa said...

Oh, how I wish I would've known about that!! How fun! Emma looks completely engaged :o)

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh how fun! We love Barnes and Noble :)

MoziEsmé said...

What a cute event! Glad your cell phone has a camera on it!

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