boys night out.

the following is my very first (and possibly my one and only) guest blogger: my dear husband, aaron...enjoy.

the exictement and anticipation had been mounting like a snowball fiercly rolling down the mountain side. on friday november 21st, the waiting was over.

my brother jon, tyler and i ventured out for an evening of male bonding. we started with food and beers (newcastles for jon and me and root for ty) at sullivans. then after consuming a hardy helping that filled our tummies, we trekked to the agora theatre to see the world renowned, crime-fighting superband...the aquabats.

one of the opening bands was the suburban legends. having seen the guitarist walking around in snakeskin cowboy boots prior to their performance, i didn't think i was going to care for them. but much to my surprise, they were extremely good. they started their show with a vintage breakdance video that they all danced along to in perfect synchrony. they were high energy, pop-ska, disco punk that warmed the crowd for the aquabats.

just as been the case in the 5 (yes, 5) times we've seen them before, the aquabats thrilled, chilled and rocked cleveland to its core. though they're a little older, and their super outfits seemed to be a bit more snug, they have not skipped a beat in both their rocking and in fighting evil. if the aquabats ever come to your town, you would be a complete and utter fool not to see them. they are amazing.

thanks for letting me blog-izzle...for shizzle. aaron.


Corrie said...

Sounds like you had a great time, and I know Tyler did too. Glad you guys had some father / son / brother / uncle bonding.

SarahHub said...

Nice blog-izzle. You know you're going to start a trend of husband guest bloggers, right?

Michelle said...

Nice blog post Aaron!!

meg said...

sounds like boys' night out was a blast!

and i have two (girl) cousins who work at sullivans (bartender and manager!) ...my middle and last names are both on their wall! :)

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