update 09 nov 2008 3:07 pm:

the performance went well, with helpful feedback from the audience members during our discussion time. i also enjoyed watching what other area choreographers are creating and contributing to the arts community.

my dear family did show up for the first half of the show (we were on first), and left during question and answer time for the first 3 pieces. emma was so enthralled by all the movement that she didn't make a peep, sitting and observing quietly, during each piece. in fact, she enjoyed it so much that she told aaron as they got into the car to head home, "i like the dance show, daddy." *sigh*

i believe this show was the last sneak reviews dance series until next year.
this is a little last minute, but if any of you local readers are interested, i'll be performing a work-in-progress with Gravity6 Dance Project tonight at 7:30 for Sneak Reviews presented by MegLouise Dance.

head on over HERE for more information. children are welcome, although the show looks to run for about 2 hours (i will not be taking my kids since it will end up being way past emma's bedtime).

see ya!


Anonymous said...

Too bad, we will be at Hansel & Gretel tonite!

Melissa said...

I just read this at about 11:30p. Sorry to miss it. I would love to see you perform sometime.

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