a genuine little girl...

as the wee one (well, i guess he/she's not so "wee" anymore) prepares for his/her arrival, i am blown away by how much emma has changed during the whole pregnancy. i still want to see her as my little baby, but no. she's not anymore. and even when i call her my little baby, she promptly reminds me that "no mama. i'm not a baby. i'm a big girl." *sigh*

and she's right. she is a big girl. she's all girl and no baby. she talks like a girl, and is rather an independent individual.

so...when gram proposed a 2 day overnight last week, i was a little hesitant. what if my baby needs me? how will she be able to last 2 whole nights without me? but really, who am i kidding?

"no mama...i'm a big girl."

and she's right. she is a big girl. the process of letting go (even if it's just a little bit at a time) has already begun. i suppose it had already begun even before this, but this time around i was really just standing on the sidelines. watching her do her own thing. and having a blast doing it.

and over the river and through the woods she went. she had a great time (which i knew she would) with her cousin ben and gram as they spent some much needed time with mammaw. what a joy and a blessing to have so much family near by.

*photo courtesy of gram and pap.


SarahHub said...

Oh. I so know what you're saying. It's amazing and bittersweet at the same time...

Simply Stork said...

they all grow so very fast!


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