month of "d"

our letter of the month of march was "d." i didn't do a specific number this time around and tried to incorporate counting into our daily activities instead.

here are our specific "d" themed activities...

introducing the letter d:
we cut out a big d and decorated it with colorful paper scraps. then we adhered the letter to the left side of a black, rectangular piece of construction paper. we then found some pictures that started with the letter d (drinks, daddy, dolls). we did the same thing for a little d, except we added the letters o and g to make the word dog and found a picture of a dog to glue on the paper (sorry blue, i didn't have any of you on hand). both letter ds are then posted on the fridge for the whole month.

we counted doors on buildings, houses and cars during some of our walks. emma also enjoyed pointing out the doors in our house.

d themed books:
"berenstain bears visit the dentist"
"the berenstain bears and the missing dinosaur bone"
"the bear detectives: case of the missing pumpkin" (this was a big favorite of the month)
"puppy mudge loves his blanket"
"a dog for each day"

doctor emma "checked up" her mama with her doctor kit a few times this month.

diamond necklace:
i traced a diamond shape on 4 pieces of colored foam. we cut out the 4 pieces (counting them out and named the different colors), and punched a hole on one end of the diamond. emma then decided she wanted to color each of the diamonds so she took out her markers and decorated them. we then strung them together and spaced them with straw pieces (hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills). bling, bling...diamonds are a girl's best friend.

ance, dance, dance:
need i say more? this seemed to come naturally to her. we did this activity a few time this month.

i think this one was a favorite among the whole family. emma helped with the mixing and eating but let mama do the frying. i found a really simple batter/drop donut recipe here. it was delicious!

we made a paper donkey from this link. you actually have to pay for a membership to get the template print out but i improvised and managed to make it work. i also connected the donkey with our memory verse for the month, john 12:15, followed with the story of palm sunday.

dinosaur diorama:
emma painted the scenery and mountains (from eggshell cartons) for our dino diorama. as we waited for that to dry, we made some trees with rolled up consruction paper for the trunks and leaves stuck onto pipecleaners for branches. once everything was mounted securely in the diorama, we added the some little dinos (we didn't mount these so she can take them in and out of their home).

drumming and singing away to her own beat.

more d visuals on flickr. until next month!


Michelle said...

Such a cool idea!! Looks like Emma is a natural at dancing! and the donuts look yummy!!

MoziEsmé said...

Very great ideas! And congrats on the donuts - I wanted to do them for D week - I was going to be lazy and just make baked ones - but instead I got really lazy and we only made play doh ones!

Anonymous said...

You are such a great mother! I wish for kids like yours to come into my class. -Kristin

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