happy news

me: hey emma, later today after your nap, pap is going to pick you up and you're going to spend the night at gram and paps, okay?

emma: after my nap i'm going to gram and pap's?

me: yes.

emma: woooo...that's cool. and tyler is coming?

me: yes. and benjamin too.

emma: and mommy and daddy are not going to come?

me: no. mommy and daddy are going to stay here.

emma: yeaaahhhhh.

me: are you excited?

emma: yeaaaahhhh! woohooo...thaaaat's cool.

i'm so glad she's excited to not have us around...already, at the young age of 3.


SarahHub said...

Too funny!

The other day, Evie and I were driving to my mom's so I could drop her off. She asked "You be gone for a long time?" and I reassured her that I was just going to the grocery store and then I would be back for her. She said "You should make sure you get everything. Take a long time so I can play."

Benjamonkey said...

We got the same thing. He asked if Emma and Ty are coming and I said yes. He told me mommy and daddy can't come. I said we weren't coming and he smiled really big and said ok!

Melissa said...

That's amazing! Layla is a bit dependent on mommy and daddy still. They must have a fantastic time with Gram and Pap! Have fun kiddos.

Anonymous said...

See now you know that Emma's also ready to spend some time with us in Spokane, without mommy and daddy. ~Ibu~

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