thai hut lives!

there used to be a little thai restaurant 5 minutes from our house that had some fantastic thai food. and i mean f.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c. really.

after coming from seattle, it was hard finding good thai food in the cleveland area. then, thai hut opened a few years ago. and we were pleasantly surprised.

then much to our disappointment, we found out last week that this neighborhood restaurant had closed up shop. it was a sad day.

but i seemed to recall one of the servers telling me the last time we were there that they had opened another thai restaurant on clifton blvd., in cleveland. so we took a quick drive down clifton...and whoomp there it is.

the asian grille.

the menu choices were an exact replica of thai hut's (with the exception of the deep fried tofu. but we got them to make some for us anyway, even though it was not offered on the menu). even one of the servers was from thai hut, and remembered us (she asked about emma and was excited to finally meet gibson). similarities aside, the asian grille does offer a larger space, so that when you're hauling a car seat inside the restaurant you don't feel as if you've taken up 1/2 of the seating area.

so after a brief mourning period for thai hut, we're glad to discover that it lives on at the asian grille.


Michelle said...

yay for thai food!!!

Fresh Mommy said...

Yay for finding great places to eat!!! Gotta have a few of those around :)


Robert Stockham said...

Isn't that the place on Clifton by Truffles? We ate there and loved it. We have found it to be a great Thai place. Our favorite for peanut sauce is still the Mint Garden on Coventry. The place near your house was on Madison, wasn't it? We stopped in for a sec to check out the menu one night and there was NO ONE there at about 6....we figured it was on its way out!

Anonymous said...



GranolaMom4God said...

I LOVE LOVE LOve thai food!

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