seeing the tribe for free

last week ty came home with a voucher for 4 FREE tickets to any of the upcoming indians games.

"free? there must be something you have to pay to get them for free," i said speculatively.

"nope. it's free [brings over the ticket voucher]. bring this voucher and receive 4 free tickets."

"huh. it is free. i don't remember them doing this before. i bet it's because they're really bad this year." yes...when the season is about to come to an end and you can't even fill all the seats in your own stadium might as well give away seats for free.

so...aaron took tyler, ty's friend stephen, and emma to watch the indians play.

they scored some free mustard bobble toy. emma managed to keep hers intact while the arm on ty's bobble toy broke off (he proceeded to "deconstruct" everything else once he got home).

they had a great time, and wouldn't you know it...the indians actually won!


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