multiples :: the follow-up

no, no. i didn't get my clones.

as soon as i hit "publish post" on my last entry, i heard gibson awaken crying.

i went upstairs feeling exasperated...we've just been off today. and when we're off, there's a lot more crying and crankiness involved on his end (and perhaps mine too).

but as i held him, looking at his smiling face the minute i picked him up i realized that i really didn't need clones (not that i would have gotten them anyway).

it seems the first thing i do when i'm feeling exhausted or frustrated or stretched to beyond what i think i can bear is rely on myself for strength. i rely on myself to figure things out. but really...i can't do it all on my own. it's impossible (hence my last post on needing clones).

as my dear friend a.m.i. reminded me:

these are the times we should celebrate, because it forces us to rely on God to multiply and bless our time, productivity, etc.

how quickly i forget in the heat of the moment that i should be turning to God for guidance. for strength. for patience. for endurance.

for everything.


Katie said...

I don't think i could have said that any better! I am right there with you, trying too often to rely on myself instead of God. ahh...I feel refreshed just knowing that we are all trying, makes me feel like I could just run down the street and cheer you on!! I think the cheer would be something like "go ask Him Prasti!! Just ask Him!!" and then you can run to my house at 3 am and shout the same thing under Riley's window!!


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