still blissfully in love


it truly has been 6 years of marital bliss.  by God's grace, there is no problem we can't overcome together.  by God's grace, our relationship with one another has been easy...like we really were two pieces of a puzzle that were meant to fit (yeah, i know that's a little cheeseball).  there is no feeling of give and take or compromise in our relationship, because we have a mutual understanding of each other's needs.  maybe meeting each other's needs could be considered a compromise, but it doesn't feel like that.  and when it comes to the big picture, we function as one unit, which makes it easier for us not to sweat the small stuff.  sometimes it feels like we share the same mind (spooky!). 

since that first day we met at the coffee shop pounding espresso shots together in the early morning until today as we sit together sharing yet more coffee (big surprise, eh?) surrounded by giggles and busy chatter from our kids, i realize that i am still filled with that same giddy-as-a-school girl feeling when i think of him, much like those first days of getting to know each other.  my heart still flutters - skips.a.beat - when i see him.  i still can't get enough of him.  if i let myself, i can easily pine away the day, counting the seconds until he comes home from work.

some days i wonder how is it always this easy?  how is it possible that two people can complete each other?  how long will this blissful feeling last?  all i know is that God has graciously brought us together.  our relationship with each other is built on and modeled after Jesus, his actions, his love, his sacrifice.  he is the true head of our home and everything else just seems to fall into place. 

so hand in hand.  together.  we take on another year.




Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Katie said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a beautiful picture of love!!

Fresh Mommy said...

This is just so beautiful. I feel the same way with my husband, we love spending so much time together and get along so easily. There are of course things that come up, but we both choose to work through them together. I love that you guys are like that!! Happy Anniversary!!



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