top ten tuesday

it's still hot out there, and i am enjoying it (though i can't speak for my husband).  this week's top ten has been put together by my other half, since my brain is still not functioning at full capacity (is this even possible with little children and a slight case of insomnia?).

top ten treats on a hot day (in no particular order):

1. a cold icee or slushee. [my most favorite is cherry.  or mixing cherry with the coke slushee.  yum!]

2. ice cream. [chocolate is by stand-by choice.  and how convenient that malley's ice cream parlor is walking distance from our house.]

3. chocolate milkshake or malt. [did i already mention that malley's is walking distance from my house?]

4. smoothies. [this is like a meal in itself, and has been a lifesaver for those extra nauseous days.]

5. ice, cold brewskie. [a beer is good for any season of the year.  you just have to have the right beer during the right season.]

6. rum and coke. [extra special when you add a marachinno cherry.]

7. mojitos. [mint mojitos are especially refreshing.  we have even made one for ty, sans the rum of course.]

8. popsicles. [classic summer favorite.]

9. frozen lemonades. [summer and lemonades just go together.]

10. frapuccinos. [okay, i'm not a big fan of starbucks. but drinking a hot cup of coffee doesn't sound very appealing when it's already 85 degrees outside.]


Fresh Mommy said...

Yum, yum, yum.... now I want a smoothie or shake!! Ha! :)


Astrid Vinje said...

Too bad you can't partake in #5, #6, #7, and #10. I guess you'll have to settle for popsicles. :)

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