top ten tuesday

i just had my check up w/ my midwife last week.  aside from me losing 4 lbs. in the last month, everything else was great.  the kiddies and i got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time...which is such a relief for me.

i love my midwife.  well, love is a strong word, but i really, really, REAAALLLY like her.  a lot.  i suppose that's a good thing since she will be the one with you in the throws of labor and the one delivering your baby.

i've been a bit uninspired about a top ten list lately, but after a great prenatal check up i think i'll share with you...

the top 10 reasons why i ♥ my midwife (in no particular order):

1. she's honest and straight to the point while still making me feel like i'm an individual.  i appreciate that she is straight up with me and i value her opinion.

2. she treats me as a unique patient not patient #150 out 3,000.  i have never felt like a number or "just another patient" with her, even though i know she has seen many, many, many women.  an example: with this pregnancy, i got to bypass the routine blood test for my first prenatal exam (yeah...STDs?  not likely when it's the same baby daddy) and just use the lab results from my previous pregnancy (it was only 2 years ago).  apparently, this approach leads to disagreements among doctors and nurses in the OB profession who think all patients should undergo that initial blood test regardless of past history.

3. she's efficient and fast during exams, but is willing to take the time to chat when i have extra questions.  i do prefer her speediness (and i rarely have questions for her anyway), since most times i have the kids with me and like to just get in and out.

4. we share the same views in regards to childbirth topics, which i think helps in our compatibility as healthcare provider and patient.

5. obviously, she is a healthcare professional and is good as what she does, but she respects my opinions as well.  she doesn't treat me as an unknowledgeable (a.k.a. dumb) patient who has no clue what i'm talking about.  on a side note, our pediatrcian is fairly similar and i suppose that's why we like her too.

6. she is supportive in the decisions we make during pregnancy and the delivery process (as long as it's not misguided or unrealistic, of course).

7. she has her own practice (so it's just her, a nurse and the office manager), which makes the office environment seem more family-friendly and personal.

8. she's laidback and flexible, without compromising her own practice.  aaron and i like that about her, because we're the same way about many things. 

9.  she's not pushy and doesn't play the "i'm the professional here so i know what i'm talking about" card, yet she's not afraid to speak out about her opinions on certain matters.

10. she's REALLY good at what she does.  i find her extremely knowledgeable in midwifery and women's health issues (including pregnancy and childbirth).  i would get pregnant again and again just so that i can keep seeing her and having her deliver my babies. 

just joking. 

but really. i think i will really miss having her deliver my babies once we're officially "done" pro-creating (see sad face below).


Fresh Mommy said...

Yay!! I loved delivering with a midwife, though I still had to be in a hospital... Maybe sometime I can work in a home delivery ;) What are your plans?

Melissa said...

A little jealous. I was happy with my OB since I wasn't able to go with a midwife. Too bad he wasn't on-call for the delivery though. I was NOT happy with the doctor who delivered. I'm glad that you have a delivery partner with whom you feel so comfortable.

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