a tourist in cleveland

when aaron had vacation time last week, our original plan was to pile everyone in the car and take a few days to get away somewhere.  plans change.

a new fridge, new brakes and one treee removal later, we decided that vacation time was going to turn into staycation time.

so our approach for the week was to become cleveland toursists.  we operated on a low-key, take it day by day schedule similar to one we would have if we were on an actual vacation.

there was a visit to the 36th annual corn festival in north ridgeville, where we enjoyed sweet, buttery corn on the cob, corn dogs, and some other fair foods.

of course, i have already mentioned the lakewood car kulture show.
this car seats 8.  it would be perfect for our family.

there were a couple of trips to the zoo, where one of the highlights was seeing a camel poop (they are surprisingly small for an animal so large).  it was aaron's first time in the rainforest section, and gibson seemed to enjoy being able to walk around in there and getting close to look at the animals.

we spent a couple of days swimming in the pool at the middleburg heights rec. center.  i think everyone enjoyed the water time.  i know i did.

 then to wrap up the week, we visited the west side market to pick up some goodies from our usual vendors: produce from the basketeria and calabrese produce, lunchmeat and beef smokies from meister's and crepes (oh glorious crepes!) from crepes de luxe.

it has been such a nice treat to have aaron home all week.  i know the kids have really been enjoying having him around all day.  i wish it was so every week of the year! 

and now it's back to our regularly scheduled program.


Melissa said...

Sorry to hear that your getaway was canceled, but it sounds like you had a fun week around town!

Fresh Mommy said...

Oh I love, love, love your vacation! What a great time close to home. It's funny the things we don't do here close to us, and yet if we were tourists, we probably would. Such a great idea! :)


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