christmas tradition: decorating our tree

after deciding to re-post the christmas tradition series this past month, i realized that posting the tree trimming tradition is a bit backwards. i probably should have done this one first.  ooops.  what can you do?  the one thing i failed to mention, in the original post is our fantastic beer can christmas tree that we put up every year too.  sadly, due to some lighting malfunctions, we were unable to put it up this year.  hopefully it will be restored to its full glory next year!.


the following originally posted on 12.9.2009


we haven't always had an artificial tree.  for the longest time, we insisted on having a real tree.  you really can't beat that fresh scent of pine filling your home.

i dreamed of having this yearly tradition of going out to a christmas tree farm, all bundled up with the kids, and picking out the perfect tree for us.  it worked with 1 child.  but with number 2 and number 3, driving 30-60 minutes just to get to the tree farm, nursing in the biting cold...well, it didn't sound like so much fun.  plus there are all those prickly needles that poke at little (and big) feet.  no thanks.

so we have embraced the wonderfulness of a fake christmas tree.  and what is more fake than a white tree?  (well, actually, a vintage, aluminum tree would be pretty sweet too).

anyway, decorating our tree is one of our family traditions.  as we bring up the tree, ornaments and decorations, we put on some of our favorite christmas tunes to accompany us during our tree trimming affair.

this occassion is one we make sure no one misses (not even the dog).


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