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this post was meant for last week, but since we had no internet access it was delayed until today.


the mall.  i don't think i've been to one in quite some time.  and now that peak christmas shopping has begun, i have no desire whatsoever to even head out to a mall.  

i used to be a mall shopper back in my teen years, when the desire to feel like one of the crowd sometimes overtook any sense of originality.  if you've followed this blog for a while, it's obvious that my perspectives about mainstream/big box shopping has changed.  granted, i do enjoy a little target fix once in a while (hey, those diapers are a necessity when you've got an 18 month old!), but when it comes to finding gifts for others (or for me) those big box chains are not on the top of my list.

if you are local, there are many unique, independent businesses, shops, and artists around cleveland that could use your support this holiday season (if you're not local, then consider supporting the local businesses in your area).  sure, the items there may cost a bit more, but you know that more (if not all) of your money is helping support and sustain the local economy.  and you're not going to get some award for giving the most gifts, so it's not even about how much you give.  sometimes it's not about quantity, but about quality.

top ten local spots for your christmas shopping (in no particular order):

they have a new store location at 2078 w 25th street (next door to voodoo monkey tattoo shop), where both the store and the holiday shoppe will be in one building.  it's a great new space, and the shop has many things to offer.
grand re-opening & made in the 216 holiday shoppe event.
a basket perfect for little hands to get into.
go on and spread some of that holiday cheer!
 2. salty not sweet. located on 15613 waterloo road, this little boutique features many local cleveland artists.  jewelry, soaps, cards, children's items, clothing...seriously a place to check out.

3. cleveland handmade market's last minute market.
this event is scheduled for saturday, december 18 from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.  it's free admission, but early bird tickets are available for $5 with proceeds going to the hunger network of greater cleveland.  just from looking at the seller's list, this is going to be a huge show.

the east side event already happened a couple of weeks ago, but the west side event is going on this weekend.  there are A LOT of vendors and we always enjoy going each year.  admission is free, but make sure you have some cash on hand since not all vendors are capable of accepting debit/credit cards.

5. lilly's handmade chocolates.
you may have heard us rave about this place before, but i'm going to rave about it again.  the truffles are D-vine, and perhaps a must-have for any chocolate aficionado.  and though i've never tried their "hot chocolate", i think it sounds decadent and perfect for this cold, wintry season.

6. native cleveland.
a new shop located on 15813 waterloo road selling many fantastic local items (they'll be carrying c.l.e. clothing co. so you can rock that cleveland pride).  we have yet to check out this new place, but will certainly plan on it soon!

7. cleveland craft coalition holiday shoppe.
the holiday shoppe is located on 1387 sloane ave, lakewood, oh (home of river colors studio).  cleveland craft coalition has regular shows the 1st saturday of every month at bela dubby in lakewood (though they're taking a short break until the new year), and their holiday shoppe is a great extension of their monthly shows.  make sure to stop by!

8. city buddha.
this local store makes its home on 1807 coventry road and has some fun, exotic gifts.  quite honestly it reminds me of home.  many of the products there are actually made in indonesia so how can i not love this place?  and what i really, really, REALLY love there is their furniture, though i'm not certain if it's all for sale or only some of the pieces.

9. big fun.
if you're already at city buddha, why not stop by 1814 coventry road and check out this super cool toy store.  it's like walking into a giant treasure chest full of toys and memorabilia from days of yore.  if you live on the west side, you don't even have to drive to the east side to check this place out because they've got a second location at 11512 clifton blvd.  locally owned and operated, this store has been around for 20 years, and will certainly delight people of all ages.
10. go vinyl: my mind's eye records (west side) and blue arrow records (east side).
this last one goes out to my husband who is capable of spending hours upon hours at a record store.  my mind's eye records is located at 13727 madison ave in lakewood, while blue arrow records is located at 16001 waterloo rd in cleveland.  they're not affiliated but i thought i'd mention a record store for each side of town.  music snobs like my husband will certainly enjoy a spot like this...though i wouldn't recommend picking out a record for them as a gift unless they have mentioned a specific album.  better off getting a gift certificate from there or something of the like.

this is just a small compilation of many other local businesses around town that you can support. 

forget the mall!  buy local.  buy handmade. buy cleveland.


Mama Whimsy said...

Lovely list, Prasti! I despise the mall. If I ever need a slap in the face as to how far outside of the mainstream I am, the mall is the place to do it- in addition to giving me a panic attack. Since we only have one car, I wound up ordering most of the girls stuff from family owned shops online. There's not a lot of quantity, but definitely a lot of quality.

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