the calm before the storm

i know it's been rather quiet on here.  we were having some internet connection issues after switching providers last week. i had wanted to blog about a few things, and hopefully i can play catch up this week.


due to the nature of my husband's job, the christmas season is ALWAYS the busiest time of year for him.  the 2 weeks before Christmas is always blacked out on his work calendar.  and for me, i black out pretty much all the days after thanksgiving up to Christmas Eve to mentally prepare myself for the fact that i will most likely see very little of him until Christmas day.  plus, if he does come home early (or at his usual time) then i will be pleasantly surprised instead of being disappointed that he's constantly home late or has to work 6 (long) days a week.

in preparation for this madness his work calls "peak," my dear husband decided to take me out before the holiday storm hits full force and we end up losing any chance of quality one-on-one time.

thanks to gram, we left the kids at home for a few hours and had a very enjoyable evening that took me back to the days before we were married.

after picking up some coffee, we made a stop at unique thrift and had the best time thrifting together. i think this place trumps all the other thrift stores we've visited here in cleveland, and i can't believe that we've never been here until now.

we spent an hour or so of explorating (though we could have stayed longer), then finished off our evening with dinner at heck's cafe in ohio city.  my lamb burger with cucumber-feta aioli and fries really hit the spot. it was a perfect end to the night.

the evening had a certain nostalgic feel to it for me.  eat-and-thrift or thrift-and-eat or coffee-and-thrift made up a good chunk of our time together when we were still dating. quality thrifting is not as easy with the kiddies since you can't spend more than an hour in the store, and your attention is divided between keeping an eye on the kids and searching through all the stuff for those cool finds.  so this date night was a treat that brought back some great memories, and time spent together reconnecting, refocusing and re-energizing together as a couple.

ready for the storm now...


Bud Perry said...

That's very sweet. Unique thrift is definitely a terrific place, and they have really good sales too! If you go on their 1/2 off day, you can really get good deals. Robert just came back from there today with a couple new sweaters. He also bought a wool trenchcoat for me, but it needs a bit of mending that he didn't catch. Still, at less than $9 it was a steal.

Anonymous said...

Super cute! Phil took me to a GINORMOUS thrift store back home a few wks ago- I was in heaven!!!!! oh how i love thrifting!

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