:: 4/12 ::

my sweet baby cash,

i admit, this post comes a week late.  with all the birthdays, birthday parties, and father's day this past week, i haven't gotten a chance to do this post until now.

it's hard to believe i can't call you a newborn anymore.  just a baby. but i'm so glad that sweet baby smell has not disappeared!

baby boy, i just want to eat you up and swallow you whole, you are so cute!  i love your sweet smiles and giggles each time i look at you.  or that little laugh that escapes from your mouth when your sister talks sweetly to you.  sometimes i just want to smother you, i love you so much.  i know.  that sounds a little on the crazy side, but i think that's probably the best way to describe how i feel about you (and your other siblings, of course).
i want so badly for all the little moments we experience together to s.l.o.w. d.o.w.n.  but most times they zoom right past me before it stays impressed in my mind.  i'm looking forward to watching you change and grow, though.  and i'm trying my best to treasure each baby-mommy moment we have together. 

*sigh* you are such a sweet, sweet gift!  i love you!


Amber@Nater Tot said...

Okay, those cheeks...they need to be bitten! Delicious!!

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