gone fishing: the beginning

the last and only time i caught a fish was in elementary school.  that was a long time ago.  so long ago in fact that i really don't remember all the details.  just little snippets: sunshine, quiet, the smell of an old life vest, and capturing a lone fish (maybe we caught more, but i don't really remember).

after that, the only fish i ever caught were nice, juicy pieces of sashimi in my mouth.

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this weekend we have a plan.  we have a plan to try out some fishing fun with the whole family.  even the baby (though he will most likely be a spectator).  and the time frame also happens to coincide with the start of national fishing and boating week.  whaddaya know!

usually you have to get a fishing license in order to fish, but during national fishing and boating week most states will be offering free fishing days.  unfortunately, ohio's was in may.  but kids under 16 years old are able to fish for free.  so i think our plan is to just have the kids fish.  if this ends up being something fun we enjoy, then maybe we'll look into a fishing license for the adults.  maybe.

i like to eat fish.  this saturday i'll find out if i like to catch fish too.


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