happy birthday baby girl...

today our only daughter is turning 5 years old. gone are the days of babbling, toddling, and being messy.
you are growing up to be an amazing young lady and it is a joy and blessing to be your daddy. there are so many things that you do that i can't begin to list them all, but i know that you brighten any room you enter. you are such a special girl and i want you to know that 2 of my favorite things in this whole world is when you meet me at the door when i come home from work and our daddy/daughter dates. (side note: to all the daddies out there, this is something you better be doing with your daughters or you aren't doing your job). you help make this family what it is and what it is to be. 
so happy birthday baby girl, i love you tremendously and your mom and i are so proud of you. enjoy your special day!



Mama Whimsy said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Emma! Wasn't it just yesterday that our girls were crawling around the floor at CP? Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Cucuku cantik dan genit. Future model? ~Ibu~

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