the final exam

just wanted to post a quick pregnancy update. today was my last visit until we go in wednesday. it'll be nice not to have to go back on the scale for a while, especially since i gained 4.5 lbs in 1 week (oops).

i'm still at 4 cm but i'm 80% effaced. outlook is good.

after discussing in more detail about this wednesday with my midwife, it looks like we'll still be able to carry on with what's on our birth plan after all. apparently, they'll give me a hep-lock so that once the antibiotics are administered i don't have to be stuck to an IV. hooray! she also mentioned that i can still try out water birthing despite having the hep-lock. yay!

she also made it clear that using pitocin will be an absolute last resort for getting labor going, which i'm soooo thankful for. since i'm so close anyway, the hope is that the amniontomy will be the only induction method i'll need.

i'm so thankful that i'm able to work with a care provider who is flexible, laid-back and understands my personal labor and delivery perspective.

so in less than 48 hours...the fun begins.


ABCDE=Party of 5 for ME! said...

Whooo hoooo Prasti! Baby P will be on his/her way soon!

Melissa said...

I'm so happy for you. You have such a wonderful midwife. That's fantastic news. Best wishes!

RobertS said...

Just want to say congrats and best of luck. I know everything is going to go perfectly, but i am sending good thoughts your way just in case!

Momisodes said...

Oh my! You are progressing right along aren't you :) I'm so glad that you found someone you trust and feel comfortable with. That is truly priceless.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a quick, easy and safe birth for you and baby :)

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