the month of "e"

the month of april was brought to you by the letter "e."

here were our "e" themed activities...

introducing the letter e:
head on over here and here for details about this specific activity.

themed books:
easter story from the bible
"saggy, baggy elephant"
creation story from the bible (for earth)
there were a few others, but i have forgotten what they were

easter and easter eggs:

we read the easter story a number of times in preparation for easter, and introduced a related memory verse, john 3:16.

we decorated easter eggs using the crayon resist technique and then dying them.

we found her ears, discussed how people ears are different from animal ears (e.g. blue's ears are different from people's ears). then we made some cat ears and rabbit ears. she was really into cutting so after the craft she proceeded to cut the extra paper into tiny little pieces (makes for a VERY fun clean-up).

in celebration of earth day, we read the creation story and discussed how God made the earth. we made rice krispie earth balls (managed to incorporate some sorting and counting in the activity) and practiced scissor skills by filling in an earth image with green (for land) and blue (for water) paper pieces. the cutting got a bit tedious for emma after a while, so we ended up tearing pieces of paper (which was much easier!). we also took a few nature walks, observing (and sometimes collecting) God's creation around us.

i had a cute photo with emma and an eggplant, but i must have accidentally deleted it. **found them** anyway, we made eggplant parmesan for dinner and it was tasty!


emma loves those stick-on earrings. genit sekali! (general trasnlation: such a little ham).

lephant mask:

there were a few other e activities i wanted to do, but time did not allow us to fit everything in. i was especially looking forward to making elephant ears. maybe the next time we go through e again.

until next month!


ABCDE=Party of 5 for ME! said...

SO cool to see you have a blog to Prasti! I loved the "E" Month! ;)

Abbie said...

Oh my gosh, this is SOOOO what I have been looking for for my 2 1/2 year old. We are hoping that he starts pre-school in the fall, but I wanted to help him learn at home too. I am new to your blog and I see that you did D, and H as well but I didn't see your inspiration for this. Is this a curriculum you picked up? Or did you create it yourself? I think the activites are fantastic! Shall I just follow along one month and one letter behind you? Thanks so much! I came over from Simple Mom.

mamajil said...

what wonderful ideas!!!! I've been gone for so long I was wondering if you had already had your baby.... I loved your post.

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