"and that's a good thing..."

1. some good looking crema (although come to think of it, it doesn't look that great in this picture...but it really did look good, and the smell of the coffee brewing....aaahhh, we love coffee!)

2. tyler went and played with his buddies for 5 hours the other day. they went to 7 eleven to get slurpies, raced their bikes in an empty tennis court, went to the library (i know, can you believe it?), played some video games at a friends house, played at a playground, and finally came back with one friend to play legos for an hour. he was so tired by the end of the night, that he even requested to go to bed early. how great is that? and how great is it that we live in a city small enough that the kids can ride around the neighborhood safely and still be close by, yet be only 15 minutes away from downtown cleveland and have most of the amenities of a big city?

3. while tyler was out playing with his friends and emma napped, i sat and read and enjoyed some daytime quiet time (usually i end up staying up later than planned because that's the only catch up/quiet time i have). it's refreshing to have time like that every once in a while.

4. emma took 10 steps on her own twice yesterday. any day she'll start walking as if that's all she's ever done.

5. i got that dance teaching job. i start sept. 15. very excited and very happy. thank you to everyone who put in a good word for me, i really appreciate it.


Steph & Craig said...

Congrats on getting the job! horray! -Steph

originally posted: 18 August, 2007 16:47

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