visit to the zoo

this morning we met up with some other mamas at the zoo. although our trip was brief (1.5 hours) it was still a lot of fun. the seasonal TOUCH! ray and shark exhibit was coming to an end soon, so we headed up that way first. they had a number of sting rays in the large pond (though i didn't see any sharks), where you can touch and feed them. it was fun to watch, but i did not touch any. because the zoo is so big, and our little one had to get home for her nap, we only saw the butterfly house and the african savanna portion of the zoo. we need to get a zoo pass so we can go as often as we like and not feel like we have to see everything. by the way, thank you katie for getting us in on behalf of their zoo membership!

tyler waiting to touch a sting-ray

the tylers trying to attract some sting-rays

emma in the butterfly hosue


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