nostalgic moments

i just got teary eyed watching mark morris dance group on live from lincoln center on pbs. no, no, it wasn't because i was moved by the performance, per se (no offense mark morris). as i sat watching them perform, i started reminiscing about the days when i used to do that. all those rehearsals, the mental preparation, and being on stage just made me really miss what i used to do. *sigh* i actually miss all those tedious rehearsals, tech, and dress rehearsals. i miss working so hard to accomplish something and being paid nothing for it, because all that mattered was being able to share the joy i feel when i dance with the audience...in essence, to offer my heart to them. i miss being able to forget myself for an hour or two and transform into someone else on stage. that's what got me all sobby (like my new word?) watching mark morris.

maybe i need to take more dance classes (too bad that costs money)...hey, that's a good gift idea. class cards for a dance class (note my subtlety).

the show was fabulous by the way (especially on our 32" tv). the music and the choreography complemented each other perfectly-i wish i could think up of stuff like that. mark morris makes choreography look so easy. i recommend catching that show if you can. they're apparently coming to cleveland feb. 2008 for a one night show. funny thing, i actually took a class from one of the company members while we were still in seattle...and he was in the show. almost like 6 degrees of kevin bacon...but not really, i guess.


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