interview, welcome home, and congratulations all rolled up into one

i have an interview at ymca to teach ballet on saturdays. sounds like that may work out (based on our phone conversation). she was also looking for someone to teach thurs. evenings, but was very understanding and still seemed interested in having me come in for an interview even after i told her that i couldn't do thursdays. praise god and hopefully things will work out :)

on another note, tyler came home yesterday. sounds like he had a good summer at his mom's. emma has been totally hanging on him for the past couple of days already...i think she really missed him. according to aaron, she even sat on his lap for a good while this morning while he finished up his TV show (she rarely, if at all, sits still for us on any occassion!)-pretty amazing if you ask me.

lastly, a big congratulations to jade on her engagement to macky. hooray, hooray...i'm very excited and so happy for you!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Job interview. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I miss all of you. Tyler, can't wait to see you soon!

Off to pick up mom and dad at the airport (yay!)

originally posted: 08 August, 2007 12:09

Steph & Craig said...

Hey Prasti - good luck with the interview - make sure to update the blog when you hear! -Steph

originally posted: 08 August, 2007 22:54

Anonymous said...

Prasti! You are so cute! Thank you!! Can't wait to see you next summer and I think the wedding is going to be either July or August...but I'll keep you posted and OF COURSE you are invited!!!


originally posted: 09 August, 2007 19:26

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