more about the library

it's so great to have the library just at the end of your street. i think our house is just far enough away from the building to avoid the noise and traffic to and from the library, but it's not so far that you can't just do a quick, last minute pop-in. i had some time to myself this morning while finishing up some grocery shopping and took the opportunity to capture some library photos. i had hoped for better photos, but i was short on time and holding 2 bags of groceries in one hand. the construction part of the photo is part of the old library. they kept the width of the library building, but i believe they expanded upwards and backwards. lakewood has 2 library branches, and the one by our house is the main branch. i think it will be even more spectacular once all the construction work is completed. libraries are so awesome, and i'm so glad that tyler loves going there. during school, he usually makes a library trip at least once every 2 weeks. it's definitely a great way to give him something to do, especially during the winter when he gets more stir crazy. and the best part is that i don't need to accompany him all the time. that way he's not completely limited on the time he can go to the library (like when it's 7 p.m. and it's still bright outside and he wants to go do something and i can't leave the house because emma's already sleeping). anyway, it's pretty cool to have a library so close to us.


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