arty art at the cleveland museum of art

 a cold, wintry day.

a couple of dollars and a handful of change left in the wallet.

a houseful of restless kids and a husband who has the week off from work.

what to do, what to do.


enjoy a delightful morning/afternoon at the cleveland museum of art (plus it was the perfect opportunity for me to incorporate some "school time" for emma).
construction is near completion, and they had more spaces open for viewing since the last time we were there.

our stand-by gallery is what we call the "knight room."  this is a family favorite, and one we make our way to each time we visit.
the egyptian art was brought back out since our last visit, and was one of the must-sees for ty.
this was gibson's first time at the cleveland art museum and he really enjoyed himself.  he especially liked the picasso.  so much so that he wanted to touch it.  ummm...not a good idea.  that was our cue to move on.
we tried to visit areas where we hadn't gone to the last time we were.  there was so much to see!  even after spending 2 hours, there was a lot more that we missed.

 i'm looking forward to returning again, especially when the weather warms up and we can spend some time exploring their outside space.


Stephanie Precourt said...

Oh this really has me wanting to go to the art museum with my boys!!


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