tax break

it's that time of year again.
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w-2s are distributed.   that means tax season is approaching. i start busting out all my relevant paper trail from the past year and catch up on some filing.

we like to file our taxes early.  it seems like the earlier you get it done the faster you receive your return (unless you have to pay of course...then maybe you might not want to file so early).  last year we received ours before valentine's day.

we i do our own taxes.  the first year we moved here we used h & r block (did i post about this before?) but it was a WASTE of money.  we thought it was going to decrease our chances of making a mistake since we had to deal with the whole moving from a different state issue.  but realistically, it wasn't that complicated.  if we had taken the time to do our research, we could have saved the $250 or so we paid them and did the whole thing ourselves (i even ended up catching an error after our federal and state returns were filed so they had to do an amendment).  they're pretty much doing what you could do at home.  don't go there.  really.

anyway, i could go on.  but i won't.  because i'm taking a break.  so i can start working on our taxes.  there may be a few posts sprinkled here or there, but until our federal and state returns are filed (and prepping for baby's arrival in about 1 month!!) it might be a little quiet around here. 
or it might not. 

blogging is a great way to procrastinate :).


Mama Whimsy said...

Wow, what all do you need to file?? We completed hours in a few short hours. And I agree, H&R block was a HUGE waste of money for us too. Imagine our surprise when they didn't even file our Lakewood taxes (which we paid them to do) the other year. The lady's excuse was that she wasn't familiar with Lakewood taxes. So she just didn't do it!? We had everything we needed for this year and already filed, so ours is supposed to be deposited into our back account tomorrow. Hope you get all you need done and get a nice return this year!

Anonymous said...

Hey, make sure you are not effected by the new tax law changes that the IRS is still making changes to before you file. It's been in the news lately. Save time and hassles. Wait till you check to file.

Amber@Nater Tot said...

Oh joy, taxes. Good luck! I've used turbo tax the past several years and have been very happy with it.

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