DIY/handmade/homemade christmas gifts

i don't think this is new to most of you, but i enjoy trying to do a lot of things myself (maybe this is a control thing?).  i learn a lot from the experience and it provides an fantastic creative outlet.

for me, christmas time usually involves a lot of brainstorming and creating handmade gifts.  we like being able to give a gift that's functional, purposeful, unique and lovingly made.  of course sometimes, i realize that i may not have the skills (and/or tools) necessary to create what i have in mind. so i turn to fantastic businesses such as the cleveland handmade markets, bazaar bizarre and etsy to help me find the perfect gift.

so not only is the time leading up to christmas a busy time for my husband, but it's usually quite a busy time for me. 

here are some of the handmade goodies made for christmas 2010...

embroidered and personalized bookmarks for our 2 little nephews (accompanied with a book of course), with illustrations done by emma.
plush jingle ball for ty's 2 year old brother in seattle.
stockings for my little sister, her boyfriend and their cute dog.
felt hand puppets for gibson.
embroidery bag for emma's embroidery kit and a custom design (she was quite specific in what she wanted) appliqued to her new plaid shirt.
table runner for aaron's parent's with original artwork and writing by emma (hand-embroidered by mama). 
personalized cookies and fudge bites for aaron's employees (i took photos of the cookies, but must have accidentally deleted them).  and then more fudge to give to family!
although now i can technically take a break, i'm looking forward to starting another project!


Mama Whimsy said...

Lovely gifts, Prasti! I LOVE Emma's embroidery bag/ kit. Layla has been doing some embroidery along with me lately as well. I may steal your idea and make a little one for her too.

Amber@Nater Tot said...

These are all such sweet, gorgeous gifts! I would love to be on your gift list :) Your family is so creative. I love reading about it!

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