word log.2

more chatter from this little guy!  i am so amazed at how much his vocabulary has grown in just 3 months. 
adding to his previous vocab arsenal is his 19.5 month word log:
  • meat (chicken, beef, pork...it's all meat to him.  and it's this kid loves his meat.)
  • more (this one he's actually said/signed for quite some time, but i forgot to add it last time.)
  • ty
  • thank you
  • too (as in "me too"; usually used when he wants the same food/snack as emma)
  • me
  • mine (you can thank emma for him learning this word)
  • go-go (as in "let's go" or "time to go")
  • bapple (apple)
  • nana (banana)
  • pear
  • ibu (that's the indonesian term we use for my mom)
  • eye
  • socks
  • shoo (shoes)
  • milk
  • bubble (also uses this word for when he wants to take a bath)
  • poo-poo (he's also told us a few times when he's gone or when he's about to)
  • no poo-pooo (as in "i didn't go poop")
  • stinky
  • bapper (diaper)
  • chaye (change)
  • ear
  • sayang (term of endearment or to be gentle in indonesian)
  • hah (hug)
  • color (used when he wants to color or to refer to a crayon)
  • tar (guitar)
  • tick (stick)
  • bye-bye
  • ticker (sticker)
  • hat
  • now (snow)
  • dark
  • cheese (speak & sign)
  • car
  • truck
  • airplane (speak & sign)
  • daum (drum)
  • bed
  • girl
  • boy
  • moon
  • gigi (teeth in indonesian; he also signs "brush teeth")
  • cuckooo (cookie)
  • waddle
  • tea
  • stuck
  • boots
  • choo-choo (referring to a train)
  • boat
  • chair
  • down
  • tacktor (tractor)
  • fork
  • cup
  • bowl
  • bib
  • amen
i think there are a few more i missed but it's been hard to keep track. 

he seems to be at the stage now where he's realizing that each object has a word associated with it so he's been able to repeat back quite a bit.  he's also been able to finish sentences from a few rhyming-type books or songs we sing on a regular basis.  much like emma when she was his age, he has developed quite a love affair with books.  between reading to emma and gibson, some days i read up to 10-12 books a day (about half of them are from the same book read 2 or 3 times in the day). 

i love it.  and i love taking the kids to the library and coming home with enough books to fill a bookshelf.  actually, i think we need to seriously consider designating a couple of shelves just for library books with the amount of items we check out between all 5 of us.  our library bin is ALWAYS maxed out, and with another kiddo coming soon the bin method is not going to cut it for us anymore.

in case you missed it (and you want to know why i'm doing this), you can go here for word log.1


Christine said...

We recently put up gutter bookshelves over our library baskets (we have 2 big baskets to hold our books since we regularly have 80-100 out!). Th bookshelves have the books facing out and have been great!! You can find the idea here:


Love your list of words from your little guy!

Amber@Nater Tot said...

I love the word log! He has such an extensive vocab - YAY! I love that he has Indonesian words in there as well. Again, I am left wishing we weren't such a mono-ligual household, but I was born into an English speaking family and have NO knack for picking up languages. Sigh. I did a word log last month for Nate's 16th month and skipped it this month, and now I'm sad I did. I'm the same way with the baby book, but I figure I can fill it in from the blog EVENTUALLY :)

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