muffins for everyone!

about a year and a half ago i came across a super, wonderful cinnamon applesauce muffin recipe over at mothering, and it has been one of my favorites to make since (aside from blueberry muffins).

it's so tasty (and easy to prepare) that i've made it for breakfast 2 days in a row this past week.  the kiddies love them and i can eat 3 or 4 of them in one sitting, especially when you put a little butter on each half right after you pull it out of the oven so that the butter melts into the muffin.  oh. so. good.
the best part (aside from licking the remaining batter at the end) is that this is a muffin for all....adults, children, older babies.  plus it's vegan-friendly and if you have any sort of nut-soy-dairy-egg allergy you can shove these things in your mouth without having to worry about a reaction (we have friends who have allergy issues and this muffin recipe is a great way to prepare something delicious while being sensitive to their food allergies).

i also enjoyed making these when gibson was a wee bit older in his baby years, yet not quite old enough to consume foods with eggs (and there was that whole soy/pea allergy thing).  it gave him a little food variety and introduced some new flavors (side note: if you make these for babies under 1 year, make sure to use the full amount of molasses called for in the recipe instead of mixing honey and molasses).

i took a break from making these today, but after posting i think i might have to make more.


Melissa said...

Looks yummy. Funny that I just asked if you subscribe to mothering, and then I come over here to a link to the site.

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