Beau's Christmas

As you can see, Beau also had an enjoyable Christmas. He got so many treats he didn't know what to do with himself.

Christmas day

Christmas day at the Purdum household. All is calm at 8:30 in the morning, with presents still sitting under the tree. By 11:30, we see the aftermath of the present-opening frenzy. The mess and the madness of it all! Tyler was especially jovial to find that Santa brought him what he had been pining for all year: a crime lab investigation kit. Little baby Purdum also made out with a few goodies: a cute little stocking cap (in fact a miniature version of his/her big brother's thanks to the knitting skills of their Aunt Corrie) and a beautiful hand-crocheted baby blanket. We thank our family for all of the wonderful gifts!


Merry Christmas!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas this year. Merry Christmas!



Today we went to Kirtland, OH (about a 40 min. drive east of Cleveland) to check out a lifesize version of Candyland the board game held at a nature center. Of course...Prasti forgot to bring the camera again. We had a little hot chocolate afterwards, then Ty wanted to go outside and play in the snow. There happened to be a few trails around so we ended up going on a little hike. Not as cold today as it was yesterday (only 25 degrees this time) so it wasn't as bad being outside.


Visit to the zoo

Today was Tyler's first day off of school. He has winter break until the 2nd of Jan. He is very excited to have time off from school. Today we went to the Cleveland Zoo (sorry no pics for this post-forgot to bring the camera). They are offering half price tickets for December and every Monday is free as long as you are a resident in the county. We spent 3 hours at the zoo walking around in 19 degree weather...can you believe it? However, most of the animals were moved to indoor exhibits (except for the polar bears, wolves, seals, and deers of course), which gave us an opportunity to warm up a bit. Didn't get to see all the animals though, but after 3 hours we were ready to go home and enjoy some hot cocoa.


Tyler's Gingerbread Creation

Tyler's version of a gingerbread house which he made at school. He thinks he can still eat it, but it's 2 weeks old. Hmmm...don't know about that...

winter concert

Ty's school had its winter concert last Thursday. The 3rd graders sang a few songs and the students took turns playing the instruments. It was an excellent show. Afterwards was a brief open house so parents can take a look at what their kids have been up to so far.


cookie day

We decided to create a blog as a more efficient way to post picture and news updates. We'll still have the website though, but it won't be updated as frequently as this. Today was cookie day, which is something Aaron's mom has been doing for years. Cookie day is a day when all you do is bake tons and tons of christmas cookies all day. This year's attendees were Mom Purdum, Corrie (Aaron's sister), Grandma Purdum, and Prasti (1st year attendee!). Don't ask how many cookies we made because there were too many to count. We did make several kinds: sugar cookies, chocolate chip, peanut butter, almond bark, clothespin cookies and these cream cheese cookies. This year we had it at our house so that there will be someone home when Tyler gets home from school. We started at 8 a.m. and didn't finish until 4 or 5 p.m. Tyler appointed himself the official cookie taster...he doesn't want us to eat poisonous cookies!


Tin Soldier

Last week Tyler had to do a presentation on a fairy tale of his choice. He chose "The Steadfast Tin Soldier." He dressed up as the tin soldier and told the story from the soldier's perspective. Prasti made the costume and the soldier hat for him. Mrs. Suarez (his teacher) liked it so much she gave him an A+ on the assignment (it's possible that the costume helped a little...or alot?).

Christmas is coming!

Merry Christmas! With love from Beau.


Here's some old pictures from October. Probably have seen it on our website already. Some are from the pumpkin patch when we were picking our pumpkins, Ty's costume for Halloween, and our works of art.

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