end of the season...

It's the end Tyler's spring soccer season. The Spartans were undefeated except for 2 games which they tied with the other team (8 games total). Next Saturday will be a game between the kids and the adults...I will unfortunately be cheering at the sidelines, but Aaron is ready for the challenge.


33 weeks and counting

Since the last belly photos posted on our blog (at 25 wks), Prasti's feet have gone missing in action...


Go Spartans!

Tyler's back in soccer for the spring. He's having a lot of fun, and he's got some of his old teamates from fall on this team.

Who wears the pants in the family?

Aaron's workgroup met the challenge of getting their pick up service level to 99.8% for the month of April. In exchange, they got to enjoy(?) seeing their boss in a kilt for a day. No FedEx employees were physically harmed during this act, however we cannot vouch for emotional damage.
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