this being a girl thing just became official

i knew my emma was no longer a baby a long time ago, but i can't help but still see her as my baby every once in a while.

she has gone through many first moments this past year that remind me without a doubt that she's growing up...taking showers by herself, tying her own shoe laces, reading chapter books, riding a two wheel bike, fixing herself and her brothers breakfast (when she wants to), ballet class.  she really is a full fledged independent girl (no more baby-ness on that face of hers).

and now she's lost her first tooth (and a second one is already loose).  she's ECSTATIC.  so much so that she readily headed upstairs for bedtime.

while i share in her excitement, a part of me is feeling a little like this:  waaaaaaahhhh!!! 

maybe you're thinking i'm a little worked up over something like a lost tooth...and yes, you're probably right.  but she's my first baby and she's doing all these "firsts" which are firsts for me too (though i'm not saying that "firsts" with the other kids won't be as special or meaningful). as i type this, my little girl is sleeping soundly, knowing that tomorrow will bring her a special surprise.  sweet dreams, my baby!


little dancer

my girl started her very first ballet class this past weekend. she was very excited, and so was i. actually, it's probably safe to assume that i was WAY more excited than she was.

as i was doing her hair and helping her get dressed for class i had flashbacks of my own childhood memories of ballet.  all those years and years and years and years of ballet, costumes, hairspray, blistery feet, rehearsals...the ballet studio was like my second home and i loved it.

we packed her mommy-made ballet bag with the essentials: spare tights, ballet slippers, extra bobby pins and extra hair clips.

her class was full of other little girls in black leotards and pink tights ready to dance.  we said our good-byes, and as i sat outside the classroom catching short glimpses of little girls fluttering and jumping around i couldn't help but feel excited for her again.

dance has been such a big part of my life that i can't help but hope that it will be the same for emma (and lani too).  i mean, i definitely don't want to be like a crazy dance mom or anything like that, but if she truly does want to be a ballerina when she grows up have a passion for it then i want to be there to support her.


wordless wednesday::impromptu

sometimes, all you need is a little impromptu dip in the river to turn a good day into a great day.

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