had to post this picture...

of Beau and Meg. A couple of weeks ago, we watched Meg for a week while Mom and Dad Purdum were out of town. Beau ended up monopolizing Meg's bed the whole week, with Meg left to sleep on the living room carpet (don't know why she didn't take Beau's bed). Finally, one night she begrudgingly shared the bed with him. Very cute-although that was the only time she did that the whole week she was with us.

Visiting Mam and Pap

Saturday 15 April we drove down to Mam and Pap's (Aaron's mom's parents) in St. Clairsville for a little visit. Aaron's Uncle Ed and Aunt Shannon were also there visiting from St. Louis w/ their 9 wk. old twins, Geddy and Sophia. Aren't they cute?? They made their rounds and enjoyed being held be everyone. It was a wonderful visit. Didn't get a chance to take pictures of dad w/ babies, but a picture of mom w/ each of her babies are below (she's wearing blue).

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