bye bye hair

today i got my hair cut after a little over a year of growing it out. a while ago, i had decided to grow out my hair so i can donate it to locks of love, and today was the day i decided to get it cut for donation. the stylist took off 11 inches, which seemed unreal to me. i'm very excited to make the donation, because i know that it will benefit kids who are suffering from medically related hari loss. i also found out that the salon i went to is an ambassador for wigs for kids, a non-profit similar to locks of love, and offers a free haircut when you donate your hair to that organization. pretty cool, i must say. anyway, here are before and after pics, and then pics of me and aaron being silly with my excess hair.


tyler's Xtreme 10th birthday

okay finally i have pictures from tyler's birthday and birthday party. for his birthday dinner, we went to red robin where he got a delicious ice cream sundae for his birthday dessert and got serenaded by a team of red robin employees. for his birthday party, we went to lazer xtreme where him and his friends had a blast shooting laser guns at people (oh...the adults also got to join in the fun). here are some photos of him opening his b-day presents and stuff, having a delicious coconut beverage on his b-day, and the rest are from his b-day party (including a photo of my very first attempt at doing a homemade, decorated b-day cake). enjoy!


still trying to catch up on some blogging here. i haven't posted pics from tyler's birthday bcs. our downstairs computer keeps crapping out on us. the battery no longer charges up completely-some issue w/ the plug or something-and i haven't had the time to sit and fiddle w/ it to see if it will turn on. ugh....does anyone want to give us an apple notebook for an early christmas present???? (ha, ha, ha...just joking).


pictures from emma's birthday "party" are now up on our website. will be posting pics of tyler's b-day party soon.


my first birthday

hi everyone-it's me emma. i had turned 1 year old this past tuesday, and i have to say the first year has been a blur. mama says i've changed a lot since i was a wee little newborn, but truthfully, i don't even remember those first few days. i'm still crawling right now, but i'm praticing really hard on my walking so i can keep up with tyler. on my actual birthday, mom, tyler and i went to lakewood park (it's this park with a real cool playground area, outdoor pool and right on lake erie) and had a picnic dinner. then we got to play at the playground for a little bit. mom is going to help me post some pictures of what we got to do at the park. i had a really good time just hanging out and running around.

1st birthday party

pictures from emma's birthday "party" are posted on our website. we'll be posting pictures of tyler's lazerXtreme birthday party soon.
happy birthday to both of you!
mom & dad


weekend fun

we had a great weekend. yesterday we did emma's 1 year "birthday party." it was pretty low key in the sense that we didn't go nuts and do crazy decorations, balloons or invite massive amts. of people-just family. we did go nuts and bought 12.5 lbs. of delicious ribs that were pretty much gone after everyone had gotten a taste. for dessert, we served angel food cake, topped with fresh blackberries and fresh whipped cream and emma loved it. i will post pictures of the party later.

today, we decided to check out this playground/park that just opened this year. it's about a 30 min. drive from our house, but it was such a cool place. they have that cushy flooring (i'm not sure what it's called) but it felt great to walk on it. they even had a little sand lot, and a mock town complete with a bank, fire and police station, and a school house. it's a very big play area, and it's got stuff for kids of all ages. tyler pretty much took off the minute we arrived there, and emma did a lot of practice walking thanks to that cushy flooring (feels great on the feet). she also swung some, crawled some, teetered and tottered some, and rode down the slide w/ mom, dad and tyler. it was fun. too bad the camera was at home. we will have to go there again.


2 birthdays

the kids' birthdays are coming up soon. man, having 2 birthdays 2 days apart is going to get crazier to plan once emma gets older. anyway, here are links to their amazon wish lists to give you an idea of what they'd like (well, emma doesn't really know what she likes yet so i get to pick for her):

tyler's wish list (b-day june 14)

emma's wish list (b-day june 12)

i am also going to put these lists under the links category to the right.


victory is so sweet

yesterday, aaron, tyler & i went to go see a cleveland indians game. now, i'm not a baseball fan, and think it rather boring most times, but man the last inning was pretty exciting. they played against the detroit tigers who were ahead by 4 (or something like that). but out of nowhere, cleveland started to catch up until they were just 1 point behind. then with 2 strikes and 2 outs in 9th inning this dude from the indians (note my familiarity w/ baseball) hits a home run and they win it by 1 point. craziness ensues and everyone in cleveland is happy...it always feels good to win.
the view from our seats
stocking up on hot dogs ($1 hot dog night)

tyler looking very serious

post-game fireworks video clip (ugh, we need to get a digital camera that takes better video clips...any recs?)
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