wordless wednesday::riding on a little piece of history

there's just something about riding in a 104 year old carousel...

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wordless wednesday::liquid umbrella

so does this mean she's staying dry under there or getting wet?

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11 months

happy 11 months my sweet girl!

okay.  so mommy is a few days late in writing this to you, but this is the first night since you turned 11 months that i've been able to sit quietly and think about what to say.

it's funny how in just a short month you have added many more new skills. now that you're mobile, you like exploring and sitting still is no longer an option.  you are usually all smiles, and have gotten quite chatty, saying your mamamamas and papapapapas quite well.

we had a great independence day weekend with family, and i think you enjoyed seeing everyone.  i know that you prefer having people close by when you play, so having a full house was probably quite enjoyable for you.

you are mastering your pulling up to standing skills, and i have even caught you cruising a little bit.  how exciting!  i'm sure that before long you'll be cruising along all the furniture grabbing at anything within arms reach.

you know your siblings quite well, and always greet them with a big smile and some feet kicking.  and they are the sweetest to you.  all of them.  even baby cash.  it's ridiculously cute watching them love on you.

speaking of feet kicking, that is something you do when you have your eye on some food.  that's how i know you're ready to eat.  you see food and your legs immediately begin to kick.  it's seriously the cutest thing.

and here's the funny thing about your eating...you eat SO much food, but for some reason you are still petite.  where do you hide those calories?  one of my favorite things about you eating your food is the sound you make while your chowing down.  talk about being satisfied with your meal!

you are growing so quickly, and i'm beginning to see your own personality develop. i love your slobbery kisses, little giggles, sweet smiles and snuggles.  you know, i don't know if i'm quite ready for you to be one next month.  can't you stay a baby for a little bit longer?


we love you so much, my little princess baby!

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