our kids are a blessing from God...

thanksgiving day

jon & jenna hosted thanksgiving this year at their house. there was tons of food and all of it was delicious. emma couldn't get enough of the sweet potatoes after trying them for the first time, and tyler managed to use what looked like a whole can of whipped cream on his pie. to those family and friends who we could not be with this year, we miss you and hope your thanksgiving was as fulfilling (ha, ha) as ours!

a visit from aunt janie

these were from last week when aunt janie (aaron's aunt) flew in from atlanta to visit for the week. it was so nice to see her again!


mama & daughter

so i just took these one day when i was really bored and had too much time on my hands (actually that's not true-i never have enough time to complete the things that need to get done, i just procrastinate).


a little late, i know...

finally! i posted more pictures from our pumpkin carving on our website. there was a couple more i wanted to put up, but for some reason it wasn't uploading. maybe i'll try again later. enjoy them! ~prasti~

first foods!

we started emma on rice cereal just last week and she is really taking to it. obviously she still needs some practice keeping it all in her mouth....




is your nose running? better go catch it!

'tis the inevitable runny nose/cough/cold season and the only person in our house that has safely avoided this fate is aaron. tyler got it first, then me (prasti), now poor emma just got it today. she did not nap well at all today because she couldn't breathe right, and i'm hoping this does not impact her night sleep too much. it's so sucky to see a baby with nasal congestion, runny nose and a cough, because we can't explain to them what's wrong and what they can do to help clear up all that congestion. i can tell you she DOES NOT enjoy the nasal spray or the snot sucker (a.k.a. nasal aspirator). would you enjoy getting a tube stuck up your nose only to find that's it's going to vacuum your brains out (that was a slight exagerration)?~prasti~


my tired state...

i have accepted the fact that i will be living in a somewhat tired state until all our kids are grown and out of the house. sleeping late to find time for ourselves and waking early to attend to the kids is not conducive to a well rested mommy and daddy, but it's well worth it for our children. then i was thinking that maybe aaron & i will begin to get some decent rest again when the kids get a little older (like teenagers), but by that age we'll probably still be in a tired state from staying up late worrying why it's past curfew and they're not home. then again, our kids are never going to be allowed out of the house past sunset once they're teenagers so we won't have anything to worry about *wink, wink*.


trick or treat

tyler as nightwing batman (i think) before he went out trick or treating this year. he got lots of candy, so aaron & i have been helping him eat it. i bought 6 bags of candy this year (last year i only bought 4) thinking it would be enough...but no. once again, i had to dig through tyler's old candy stash so i had enough to give out. that was still not enough (plus i didn't want to use up all of tyler's candy) so i finally had to put up a sign saying we were out of candy. crazy! especially since we only got 1 or 2 trick or treaters total while we were in seattle. we always have tons of kids on our street, and it's always fun to see the different costumes-homemade ones are the best!
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